About the BoB project

The Bolt-on Bioreactor (BoB) project is an independent initiative aiming at developing and commercializing a bioreactor for the automated and efficient culture of adherent cells, to be applied especially to the production of therapeutic cells and other biopharmaceuticals.

The BoB is based on the transmision of a rotatory movement to the inside of an enclosed vessel containing a coil support for adherent cell culture, without affecting the integrity of the vessel wall. The patented system does not use metallic elements within the culture chamber, thus allowing for the production of a competitive single-use system.

The patented design for liquid flow and distribution on a rolled membrane ensures efficiency of the culture process.

Although The BoB team have worked on several designs, we believe that the best approach to provide an efficent solution to the market is to meet users needs. This is one of the reason behind taking this project to the public arena: to obtain as much feedback as posible from those who will be using the system in the near future.
Your comments, suggestions and opinions are most welcome!

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