Although the Bolt-on bioreactor is not industrialised yet, we have a limited capacity for the production of evaluation units of the Roller BoB product. These devices are provided with a "for research use only" license. Should you be interested in testing the compatibility of this revolutionary adherent cell culture technology with your cell lines and production processes, you have the opportunity to purchase evaluation packs of the Roller BoB.

Evaluation packs consist of three ready-to-use units of the Roller BoB (13,500 square cm, each unit). Until comercial production of the devices is on place, evaluation units are produced upon request. Please, use the contact form to place your orders.

We have exhausted our stock of evaluation packs. Please, contact us if you are interested in evaluating the Roller BoB for your project.

In The Bolt-on Bioreactor page, you can see the design of the various products we are working on. 

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